THIRD WAVE FUNDRAISING guarantees great service and customer satisfaction with its full line of products that allows you to diversify your fundraising campaigns. A Prize Program is also available for some programs.

ENGLISH BAY Gourmet Frozen Cookie Dough is irresistible, old-fashioned Canadian home-made quality. It comes in 3 pound pails with 9 flavours to choose from. No animal fats, no added preservatives. Just scoop and bake!
Trans fat free since September 2008.

ENGLISH BAY Gourmet Frozen Muffin Batter is a high quality Canadian made frozen muffin mix, available in 2.5 pound pails with 5 flavours.

AUNT SARAH'S FUNDRAISING BARS. These unique mouth-watering bars offer your group an excellent opportunity to meet their fundraising objectives. They are not available in retail stores. Joining the classic "Simply Delicious" bar, are now 6 other great flavours to choose from: Simply Crispie, Simply Caramel, Dark & Delicious, Simply Peanut Butter, Simply Mint, and Yogurt-Fruit & Nuts. Each sells for $2.00. There are 30 bars per carry case.

ENCHANTED GARDEN Plants and Bulbs. This very popular spring brochure offers gifts that keep on growing! This brochure features 17 different bulbs or divisions, including lilies, glads, dahlias & more. Prices range from $9.00 and up. Sell January to April 14, and delivery is in May.

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS. This 22nd annual Christmas catalogue does not contain food items so there should be no allergy/nutritional issues. The approximately 150 items, such as gift wrap, cards, calendars, Christmas items, kitchen items, scarves & jewellery, are hand-picked to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Book by June 30 for a 5% profit bonus. Order deadline for this program is November 4, 2016.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. For Fall this brochure contains over 25 items including fudge, toffee, sauce mixes, dessert kits & mixes, gift-boxed chocolates, spices, and more. Something for everyone, especially for those who do not like to cook or bake from scratch! Order deadline is Nov. 4.

GOURMET LOLLIPOPS. These lollipops are Peanut & Nut Free, and sell for $1.00 each with a 45% profit. All are 29g (1 oz) in size and come assorted with many different flavours. A minimum order of one case of 480 lollipops is needed for free shipping.

A Healthy Fundraiser

APPLES Locally grown, hand picked and hand packed, Canada Fancy apples.

3 pound (1.365 kg) bag, packed in a box, with 45% profit or 8 pound (3.64 kg) flat box with 45% profit

THOMPSON'S POPCORN Great Canadian Yellow Hybrid Butterfly POPCORN pops up larger and fluffier than other product on the market today. Locally grown and carefully selected, this product is sold in microwaveable (buttered and natural) and in traditional form.

The GIVE 'N' TAKE scratch cards have the greatest percent return of any fundraiser - up to 84%! Great for small groups that wish to maximize profits. Ideal when used by sports groups at registration, they not only provide the team or league with the money needed for extras, but allow the players to reduce the cost of playing at the same time. Check out how your group can use this profitable fundraiser.

The XS Family Fun Centre ZAP ZONE, with locations in Windsor on Lauzon Road and on Ambassador Drive, offers a $73.00 value in free passes and tokens to groups of student-aged individuals who fundraise with products available through CARDINAL FUNDRAISING. Sell $120 or more of product, and receive 2 laser tag passes, 1 glo golf pass, 1 GoKart pass and a $40 voucher when hosting an ultimate/supreme party for 10 or more. Visit to view all of the amazing activities available at "the ultimate place to play".

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